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Our Services

Wellness Examinations

Find out more about our Annual and Semi-Annual Wellness Examinations

Sick Exam Visits

We provide a fully equipped hospital to care for your sick pet. 

Medical Services

We provide a variety of medical services to maintain your pet's health

Surgical Services

We offer a broad variety of soft tissue, dental and orthopedic surgeries. 

End of Life Services

Our facility offers a peaceful end of life planning for your beloved pets

Referral Services

Our patients will be offered the best course of action with any medical or surgical procedures. We have highly trained referral specialists in the area for all of your pet's needs

Health Certificates

We offer same-day examinations and health certificates for your pets' travel needs. Whether your pet is traveling domestically or abroad, we can help with the necessary documents needed to avoid  delays.

On-Site Laboratory

Our facility is equipped to perform complete blood profiles  and specific testing for all ages and  illnesses. Our skilled staff can perform a majority of testing at our facility to give us immediate results. We also use a reputable reference laboratory for more specific testing. 

On-Site Radiology

We have a brand new, state of the art digital radiology unit, which allows us to perform radiographs during normal office visits or as a drop-off service. This new unit allows our team to take and view radiographs on our computer or iPad in seconds. We are now able to offer teleradiology services for your pets, which allows us to help diagnose and treat your pet accordingly. 

On-Site Pharmacy & Online Pharmacy

Our facility has a fully-stocked on-ste pharmacy to provide our customers with the necessary prescription medications, shampoos, diets and other items which the Doctor may recommend.  We also have an online pharmacy which carries a variety of medications which can be delivered to your doorstep. 


We offer full-body ultrasounds and echo-cardiograms by a Board-Certified Radiologist for diagnosing a variety of disease processes. This allows us to diagnose and treat you pet accurately. 


We highly recommend and offer microchipping for all pets. Our microchips can be installed during an office visit or during surgery. We use HomeAgain microchips. Please ask our staff for more information about microchips.  

Wellness Examinations

All vaccinations are individualized for you pet's needs

Sick Exam Visits

Please see our Medical & Surgical Services or call our staff for more information

Medical Services

Please ask our doctors about you pet's specific medical needs or questions

Surgical Services

Please ask our Doctors about additional surgical procedures

End of Life Services

Please make an appointment with our doctors to discuss any end of life questions

Referral Services

Schedule an appointment with our doctors for more information

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